Forget headaches and all the paperwork: we take care of the whole import-export process from start to end

We at America Delta make the whole import-export process easier for companies by taking care of all the steps until the product safely arrives at its destination.

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How does it work?

Our team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in the areas of international market, logistics, consulting, and services for foreign trade.

We provide full support for product quotation, international logistics and purchase and customs clearance of small packages, small cargoes, and complete containers. We consolidate cargo for small, medium and large domestic companies (as well as for general commerce and industries in USA and abroad).

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We identify buyers and suppliers for several segments, in several countries. We do all the analysis of local customs legislation, cost forecasts, export and import licenses, export reports and taxes.

Logistics Management

We offer logistics management in order to provide optimal rates for your satisfaction.

International Transportation

We work with sea or air transport. We transport your cargo from the supplier to your address, and guarantee to perform an end-to-end service.

Customs Broker

We provide a customs service for cargo clearance at ports and airports in all regions of USA.

Are you interested in importing or exporting?


America Delta is for companies that want to sell their products in other markets. We work from the identification of the customer, negotiation, documents for export… We work for you and instead of you.


For businesses and consumers who need to import and everything taken care of, we present a formal import in the door-to-door mode.

FCL - Full Container Load

In FCL mode, the exporter (or importer) fills the entire container with their cargo without the need for a second exporter to complete the rest of the container.

LCL - Less Container Load

The LCL mode means that the exporter (or importer) does not have enough cargo to fill an entire container on their own. For this reason, we ship your cargo with other exporters (or importers).

For who is it?

Our team works for those who wish to import and export goods with quality and safety; we have 13 years of experience in the market and do all the follow-up from end to end.

Food industry

Textile industry

Automotive industry

Industrial area

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Advantages you have when you choosing America Delta

Import and export

America Delta provides services for companies that need to import and export: we take care of all the steps so your goods will arrive on time. We work with all types of logistics, from ships to planes. We offer a truck service along with unique services, as this is our specialty.

Safety and quality

America Delta guarantees total security since your delivery comes first; with this in mind we offer the best import and export services. We inform you about the date and departure for a better experience.

Customs Brokerage Service

We provide a customs broker service for cargo clearance at ports and airports throughout the US and Brazil. We work with logistical estimates in the US and with transportation estimates in the US and Brazil.


We mediate all the negotiations for all companies that need to export their goods: we analyze the necessary documentation of the destination to speed up the procedures, and do everything so that your cargo arrives at its destination quickly and without complications.

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